Saturday, September 17, 2005

I taught I saw a puddy cat

My Son and I were walking home from the mall a few days ago and this little kitty followed us home after not letting us walk because she was constantly getting in the way by being an ardent leg rubber. We decided to be her foster-family until she wrecks a good piece of furniture or Hubby decides to put her back in the park.

We're having trouble figuring out whether she is Palestinian or Israeli. Whaddya think?



Jewish Israeli princess?


karenology said...

She is so adorable. Maybe she is the key to the peace process.

Love your blog, by the way! I've read it for awhile, but it occurred to me that I haven't commented until now.

Anonymous said...


Masterfraud said...

So cute. I was expecting a kippah, so the pearls were hilarious! Love your blog, too!

drizzlenightsky said...

Aw...what a cute kitty!

I hope you keep her. And she looks good as a Jewish princess...;)

Andrea said...

She could easily fit into both world - she is a kitty for the people.
Damn cute too.
Whattca name her?

musophrrenia said...

she's cuter as a palestinian...

I guess you prefer the whole princess shebang, but that choker looks heavy, are you strangulating the poor thing?? Am I gonna have to report you to animal rights??

jerusalemgypsy said...

Oh please don't report me to whats-her-name McCartney. She's been giving J. Lo a really hard time. At least I don't eat cats or wear cat coats.

I don't have a name for her. Any thoughts?

musophrenia said...


musophrenia UK girl said...

HEY!!! a good name:

NAJILA....means eyes that glisten

Ok, i'll go away now