Saturday, September 03, 2005


We walked into one of Jerusalem's newest restaurants Thursday night - Selinas on Emek Refaim. I sauntered in with my Good Daughter, who looked ravishing that night, while Hubby was getting a parking space. The dreadlocked waiter greeted us at the door, grabbed my arm and walked us to our table. But I preferred the leather couches and lower tables. My wish was his command. The waiter leaned over me and asked what I'd like to order.

"No potatoes, no rice, no pasta. I'm on a diet."

His eyebrows raised.

"Huh. You don't need to be on a diet."

That guy wants a big tip. Meanwhile Hubby joins us and makes friends with the waiter, even giving him his number at the end of the meal,which was fabulous by the way - the juiciest, softest, tastiest entrecote steak I had ever eaten - better than that expensive filet mignon I had at the King David Hotel. The fish I ordered - drumfish - also one of the best. The service was quick and the waiter hilarious.

There was something spiritually spooky in that place. I had just spoken about someone to my family and that person called me on the phone the second that happened. Then we talked about desserts and just then the waiter came over and told us we have dessert on the house. What a roll we're on. I said let's go and talk about winning a lottery and buy a friggin' ticket - maybe we'll have some luck...

On the way back, Hubby asks me -

"Did you get a load of that waiter doing somersaults with his serving tray?"

"Yeah, amazing!"

"And he sat so close to me I thought he was gonna take a bite of my steak. I even asked him - 'do you wanna piece?'"

"But he gave us free dessert!"

"He told me he wanted to ask our daughter out. But I told him he's not her type. He asked me why. I said 'it's your hair'"

We're back to the sixties aren't we now? Poor guy. Who was it that said - Never trust anyone over 30.

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