Saturday, February 25, 2006

Is it safe to go back there now?

I just read this post from On The Face and they've gone to Ramallah to do some fine dining. Hmmmmm. Plus they seem no worse for the wear there.

Now a few weeks ago, when French-Canadian filmmakers filmed me for a documentary, they said they had gone to Ramallah the day before. All the Palestinians there mistook them for Israelis and began to speak Hebrew to them. In fact, they were really warm to them, believing they're Israeli. That's not the kind of reaction I expected from Ramallians. All I could remember and all most Israelis could remember is that awful lynching during the Intifada, and many of us have steered clear of this place since.

So have things changed? Frankly, I would love to go for a visit.

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blogsurfer said...

I investigate and report back!