Friday, March 31, 2006

Divine Retribution

I felt that God summoned me somehow through friends, etc. I've had 2 friends from the Old Country e-mail me - one with an urgent request to pray for his teenage son who was having brain surgery, the other was a request for a business to be good and plenty - they both wanted prayers at the Western Wall. I hadn't had a chance to ask anyone to pray for them, and figured, well - I'd better do this myself. It's probably because I'm asking God for some financial wedding help and He's saying - look kid - there's no free lunch. I need you to do something for me. So I did. I hadn't prayed at the Western Wall for years in fact. It actually felt wonderful when I did. I came in jeans but covered my head at the entrance. I recited several Psalms and continued and continued - I was probably there an hour. I felt a connection and that the prayers were heard.

But when I got home, all hell broke loose with my family - I wondered why I just didn't stay at the Western Wall overnight. I thought - could this be divine retribution for voting Labor? Hubby was sitting on the couch, like a stone, not a rolling stone - but a tough, unmoveable one - very sullen and morose. The Good Daughter came downstairs around 11:00 pm -

"How are you?"

"Leave me alone!" was her response.

The Complainer hadn't been home for days.

"I haven't seen you in three days! How are you."

"Shut up"

Fuck you too - kid.

But my teenage werewolve son was the worse of them all. He tormented me all evening.
He also played hookey from school yesterday. He was to be tested for learning disabilities at a specialist this morning.

"Buy me two slices of pizza. If you don't listen to me, I'm not going tomorrow." This sort of stuff went on for hours.

I told him if he doesn't go, I'll still have to pay for the testing which I will do from his bar mitzvah money and he'll just have $100 left.

My son, the bully. Not a Jewish mother's pride and joy. I closed the door and sobbed to a friend about my ungrateful, horrible family and said if this behavior continues, they can shop for the Sabbath and week by themselves and make the 10 course Sabbath meal they love to complain about, themselves as well. I'll hit the few late night coffee shops that are open on Friday night with a friend. That'll teach them to mess with mom.

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