Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Wedding Planner

Eldest Daughter and her future Hubby have not yet set a date - but are doing so within the next few days. She doesn't want something in Jerusalem, but wants a nice place outside the city.

Sure. Why not inconvenience all your guests who have to get car rides for this event.

"She's young. She wants a fairy-tail wedding" said my friend from work. Trouble is, she doesn't have a fairy godmother.

The internet wasn't working at home this entire week and frustrated, she told me to look for wedding places on the internet for her.

"I can choose them for you?"

That could be dangerous. Our tastes are similar, yet different. She doesn't like hippie-type, weddings-in-nature, weddings-in-antiquities-sites places. I do. But knowing she doesn't, I didn't bother printing those. There were a ton of places in the Tel Aviv/Herzlyia area which looked like high-tech wedding halls, with Japanese Chupahs (wedding canopies used in Jewish weddings). Ugh. Too high tech, very non-romantic. The places by the ocean looked lovely. I printed out those for her.

Then there were these pastoral places with streams and rivers running through them. I printed those out but imagined the mosquitos would be having more of a feast than the wedding guests in the summer.

There were a couple of beautiful places near Jerusalem, overlooking the mountains. I hope she picks one of those. It'll be far less humid and there'll be fewer mosquitos.

And these types of things to take note of are pretty much what I'm good at, not to mention for selfish and practical reasons, I'd prefer it to be close to Jerusalem.


Emah S said...

My sister-in-law got married at Neve Ilan. Although I wasn't there, the 'reviews' were positive, worth looking into! Good luck!

areyouready? said...

these wedding ideas are amazing...mine are better, tintagel and i have to find someone...