Saturday, March 04, 2006

Fishing for Diamonds

I woke up on my day off on Friday at 6:00 am ready to do the morning's shopping at 7:00 am when the store opens, to avoid the mad pre-Sabbath rush. My Eldest daughter had just gotten home from work, but told me she was going fishing with her Tunisian boyfriend in Herzliya.

"Fishing for diamonds?" I asked jokingly because they had been discussing getting married.

She didn't answer, but made the guy wait 1/2 hour while she got ready.

"You're already dressed, what is it you have to prepare for - you're going fishing - for god's sake."

Hubby had his ciggie outside with the boyfriend. After they left Hubby walked back in the house.

"He showed me the ring."

"What ring?"

"A diamond ring he bought for her. It's a pretty nice size too"

Oh Shit. I just asked her if she was gonna go fishing for diamonds. She'll probably tell him I said that and it'll ruin the morning!"

We assumed either the guy will stick the diamond in with the shrimp bait or inside the fish's mouth and have her fish the ring out.

I spent the morning with a friend I hadn't seen in years, to get caught up on old gossip from my high tech job. On the way there, I was thinking about the ring and if he was indeed going to give it to her today. I was smiling to myself on the bus, and didn't give a shit if people thought I was insane or not.

Funny thing was - my friend and I are both in our 50's and had more than one senior moment.

"Do you remember what's his/her name, that sat next to you?"
"What was the name of the red head there"
"There was a guy on the plane I met who married someone from there. They worked together."

We laughed over our chocolate mint teas, because after 15 minutes or so, the names eventually came to us.

Hubby picked me up at noon to go shopping. I got a call while in the store.

"Hi Mommy"

"Hi sweetie. Catch any big fish today?"

"Yeah, two!"

"Wow! Great. When are you coming home?"

"I'm already home and want to show you the ring I got!"

"what ring?"

"A diamond one."

"You mean it's official? I can go around telling all my friends, and everyone at work? It's been so difficult keeping this all secret you know!"

"Please make it home fast, because we want to go to his mother's house now before the Sabbath."

Well, folks, one never saw me rush through the store as quickly as I did that day. I pulled things off the shelves so fast, everything I touched went flying all over the place - chips, paper plates, cups - I don't even remember if I bothered to pick anything up from the floor. I whizzed through that place like a tornado and couldn't deal with shopping carts in my way.

I truly believe Hubby was more pleased at me running through the store in record breaking speed than he was at our daughter's engagement.

I called my brother while I was waiting on line.

"My daughter's got a ring!"

"What kind of ring. A nose ring?"


"Wow. Far out (he still uses 60's lingo)"

"Is he a kippa wearer?"

"He is actually. He's Shabbat observant and wants her to do the same, but isn't asking anything else from her."

Bro' was absolutely thrilled about that, and I think his being a "kippa wearer" even brought us all a notch up in his book. I had to laugh because it wasn't

"Is he nice? Does he treat her with respect? Does he make a decent living?"

But to my family wearing a kippah, is above all, a first pre-requisite. I always used to argue about this with my folks 30 years ago when I'd see criminals in the newspaper, dressed in Hassidic garb, going to jail for fraud, etc.

"Bet you'd haved like me to marry one of those, eh? Kippah wearers and all."

At the house, I did my ooohing and ahhing over her ring and kissed the future bride and groom, taking the first photos of the couple together.

When they left Hubby asked "Do you think he's the right guy for her?"

"Look, he's met our family quite a few times and he STILL wants to marry her. Of course, he's right for her."


Anonymous said...

Mazel Tov! How exciting!

Cleia said...

Mazel Tov!!!
One daugther down, 3 more to go :-)

Emah S said...

MAZAL TOV!! How wonderful hearing your excitement! Thanks for the laugh too, picturing you running through the store! :)

Anonymous said...

Mazel Tov, to Al and his Rebbetzin!
May this simcha bring you and your family many, many more.

(B. from the old neighborhood in the Great White North)

Rivka said...

MAZAL TOV. May the marriage of your daughter bring you much simcha and nachas! Wishing them a long and happy life...