Tuesday, March 14, 2006

good people of jerusalem

After getting a new cellphone yesterday, I spotted a new Yemenite restaurant in the premises of what used to be a really good Chinese restaurant in the industrial section of Talpiot on the corner of the Rav Chen mall. The Hong Kong lady went back to China after 10 years of business here. I didn't have much money on me,and hell - it was my 23rd anniversary - which I did not celebrate with Hubby who is acting like someone you do not want to celebrate a wedding anniversary with. I had $4 on me (the shekel equivalent, anyways - who carries US $ around here?). I ordered melawach (a fried puff-pastry pancake like thing) and yemenite tea from the owner. He insisted his melawach is not what I get in the stores - his is bigger and hand made. He served it to me with crushed tomatoes and a bright green hot paste. I wanted to know what level "hot" it was - if a Yemenite tells you it's a little hot, watch out. It's extremely hot. If he tells you it's not hot at all, it's probably a bit spicy.

"This isn't spicy at all."


I slabbed it on my melawach and it was just spicy enough to get my nose running.

He noticed me looking at my change - I had just enough for the meal.

"You don't have to pay me now. You can come in next week if you want to."

Huh? How many restaurant owners give you that choice.

"You're a new business. How do you expect to make a living here, if you're going to trust that everyone will come in a week later and pay you?" I asked him.

He rolled his eyes upward and pointed to heaven. "It's all up to God" he told me.

I left him a small tip, which he handed back to me and told me not to waste my money. Wow.


Cleia said...

Do you remember when I emailed you and told you I was going to a kibbutz? Well, I'll gey on the flight tomorrow and have until Sunday to enjoy Tel Aviv. Any tips on where to go to get a good feel of the town?

jerusalemgypsy said...


Tel Aviv is huge! Have a peek at the above site to check it out. Walk around Yarkon Street/the beach promenade and Sheinkin Street. You can try Neve Zedek the oldest neighborhood in Tel Aviv. Walking around Jaffa is also wonderful

Have a safe trip!

anne said...

That sounds like an excellent place to go to! I wish more store owners were that respectful of their patrons..and their God!