Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Bad, the Good, the Bad, the Good

the Bad - last week getting a notice that an Arab family from Silwan (city of David) outside the old city of Jerusalem whose ancestors saved the Jews during the riots in the 1920, were forcibly evicted from their homes because they were housed "in Jewish owned land" previous to 1948. I did not have time to join the protests, but would have - had I not had my slave job to go to every day. Does not anyone think what about the glorious mansions Jews live in - in West Jerusalem, that belonged to Arabs pre-1948?

the Good - Jews and Arabs working together to protest the wall separating the Arab Jerusalem neighborhoods of Jabel Mukaber and Sheikh Saed. A group called Neighbors to Neighbors have worked, met and celebrated together over this wall which would have separated families. The court has ruled that the neighborhood will not be separated and that the wall will be build behind Seikh Saed. Mazal Tov to all those that worked together on this.

The Bad - feeling totally depressed on Thursday crying my eyes out for no wedding and Pesach funds, totally scaring my co-workers who said...

the Good - that they are no longer afraid of our bosses because of me and my "fuck 'em" attitude and who pulled me out of the dumps by telling me I hold them up when they are freaked out. Another good friend said it's not me but rather the total eclipse which screwed everything and everyone's moods here. It's true. Everything was wacky the past week.

the Bad - There was a mini-tornado in the Galilee. I was like - whoa! Kansas in Israel. There was flooding everywhere. I was late to work twice because of heavy flooding on the roads.

the Good - my daughter listening to me about wedding plans. I may even get to walk her down the aisle after telling her it disturbs me that I won't do the traditional "mama giving the bride away" trip down the aisle. Please don't take that away from me. And I think she won't.

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