Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Holocaust Remembrance Day

Were these 2 shmucks separated at birth? One is dead and the other is alive and kicking, much to my chagrin. Today at Holocaust Remembrance Day, I have no patience for Jew Haters like the Iranian asswipe. Usually I do, and in a better mood, I would have gladly gone secretly to Iran, kidnapped the idiot and dragged him to a few Interfaith dialogue groups to see what that does to him. Usually it does transform people when they get to know the other. But today I was not in my compassionate mode.

The siren went off at 10:00 am and I closed my eyes to think of quite a number of relatives from Austria and Poland who never made it out alive after WWII. Even my Uncle Adolf (I really did have an Uncle Adolf) who I thought was blonde-Aryan-enough looking to pass as a non-Jew, and wondered if he even had a chance to try. I used to look at his photo as a kid - he was my mother's brother - and believed I resembled him a bit with our fair hair and blue eyes.

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