Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hectic life

My soon-to-be-married daughter is going job hunting. I saw a wonderful job offer in the papers - working for a blind professor.

"Honey, it'll be great. When it gets real hot in the summer in Jerusalem, and you just want to strip down - go right on ahead. He won't see a friggin' thing."

But she went ahead to agencies and is looking for a more run-of-the-mill job - lucky thing about her is that she can work in both Hebrew and English - not like her mom, who can't read and write properly in Hebrew.

Back at the ranch, my son has been just the regular teenage werewolf - imitating my voice, my sentences - I'd like to toss him out the window. But instead, I'm not coming home early for him. Let him learn to fend for himself at the tender age of 14 and rip himself away from the computer to open up a fucking can of tuna. I'm royally pissed off at him. But I've been having fun being away. On Sunday, there was a peace gathering at Eliyahu's house. He had just come back from a trip to Seville, Spain at a conference from Rabbis and Imams. He is neither, but does connect the two and knows pretty much all of the Israeli ones. You wouldn't believe the photos of all these Gazan and Palestinian Imams dancing with the Israeli rabbis. Incredible stuff and of course, this never makes the papers.

Last night I went to my debtor's anonymous meeting trying to figure out how on earth will I pay for this wedding. People there brainstorm after the meetings and give good advice. I got no advice at this Hebrew -speakers meeting, but was encouraged to go to the English meeting on Wednesday.

Back home that evening my Werewolf Son was fuming.

"I needed 20 shekels ($4.50) for the movies and a party at school tonight and you didn't come home early to give it to me."

I came home at 9:30 pm hoping he would go to sleep at 10:00 and I wouldn't have to deal. So I dealt the best way I knew how.

"You didn't call me at work. You could have and I would have told you to ask your sister to loan the money to you. Anyway, getting angry at me is an excuse for not going. You think you could have torn yourself away from the computer to go to a school party?"

Last time they had a party and dance at school, he came home after an hour, once the dancing started. Some stud he is.

And tonight, even though I feel like falling on my face, I'm going to the Women's Interfaith Group because a woman is presenting whom I thought would never ever be caught dead at these meetings. She is a very orthodox Jewish woman and a therapist and every time I approached her and told her what I'm into these days she's like "I don't wanna hear about it." Interfaith stuff between Moslems and Jews totally freaked her out.

So now I'm going to see why she is no longer freaked out and why she decided to do a workshop with these Moslem, Christian and Jewish women together. I'm exhausted but my curiosity about why people change their previous mode of thinking is getting the better of me.

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Sherril said...

Hello Jerusalem Gypsy,
I came across your blog in a round about way. I was looking at the Jerusalem Post site and it had links to some blogs, but I didn't see yours until I clicked on one blog and there found yours on the side. I found your premise not only interesting, but heartening and I think we have some things in common.
I am currently in Israel for a wedding. My husband is Israeli (well, actually Moroccan and Israeli and American). So, we are here often since he is one of 8 sibs and there is always a wedding or bar mitzvah to attend either here or in Paris.
Anyway, I too have belonged to an Inter-Faith Women's group. I was interested in it because a past co-worker who became a life long friend is from India and is a Muslim. If not for her, I might find it hard to extend my general philosophy of tolerance and openness to differences, when it comes to the Muslims.
I have blogged since I got here, so if you get a chance take a look at my blog and I hope to continue a conversation.