Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Shuk wanderings

I met the UK Girl who is still here and who I think got used to and even enjoys the notion that there is no rain in Israel until November.... I don't think she wants to go home. I don't blame her. England = cold, rainy, boring royals, pompous, football hooligans, etc.

She told me about the characters infesting Ibrahim's house at the moment, where she is staying. I'm glad I did some honest reporting on this blog. What if there had really been no Ibrahim, no interfaith work, no peace stuff, etc. and this poor young thing comes flying all the way from Jolly Ol' and nothing I said was true. So I was smugly satisfied that she is truly seeing it all, as I wrote. One of them she described looking like the Hulking Black Man in the Tom Hanks' movie - The Green Mile. He's got the Jerusalem Syndrome and if my friend ever harbored thoughts of not being part of a complete set of fries or chips or whatever the fuck they call it there, she can throw those thoughts out the window. Ibrahim's house takes 'em all. This man walked into Ibrahim's wearing sackcloth and long robes, telling the other guests there was something he needed to speak about concerning Revelations.

"Can't it wait until after dinner?" said Ibrahim, trying to teach this nomad some patience.

I feel as if I or someone should be making a documentary film about Ibrahim and his house guests. Any takers? I think within a month, you could get a whole array of characters and complete the film - maybe even get it into a film festival. Not a bad idea if I might add. I just don't have the know-how to do it myself.

After coffee we headed out to the coffee shop at the shuk which transformed itself into an alley full of people and jazz musicians. Some lone guy from Manchester began talking to us and put me into hysterics. I didn't understand half of what he said, but it went something like this.

"When I was 'ere 5 years ago, I saw an article in the newspaper about Russians fooking drinkin' fooking toilet duck. Straight oop! Fooking tossers. Fooking wankers"

But he really does love it here and maybe he'll also stay away from the UK a bit longer...


UKGirl said...

hey I was hoping you'd blog some of my stories (all too true as well) LOL...thanks for everything by the way :-)

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