Friday, October 08, 2004


It was pretty heavy last night going from party to party and then coming home and mourning the dead from Sinai's terrorist attacks. Especially since I was mourning for so many different reasons - for the families lost, injured, for the upcoming vacation I wanted to take this weekend in Sinai near Nueiba, but now no one will go with me (I am mad enough to still go), for the bedouin that depend on Israeli tourism which make up 90% of their income - all that will be lost for at least the next 6 months. If nothing further happens in that region, then they'll go back slowly but surely. It happened before but not to this great a damage. I went for coffee today at the shuk to commissirate with friends. I get to such a high, then to such a low. Such is life here. And one of my friends told me that in order to avoid the "ass patting" incident next time with the little kids on the Mt. of Olives, I should put crazy glue on my ass - then wait. Hee Hee! My other friend came by at the same time two women walked past with Sinai t-shirts. "The bedouin there always know what is going on. They know what cars go past. They know what's in them. They know everything." My friend is a Sinai regular going a few times a year to Tarabin. "Why and how didn't they see this coming? This is so strange and out of character for them. There are so many checkpoints in Sinai, how did 3 bombers get through?" I don't know. I just don't know anything anymore. All I know is that I got so caught up in conversation that I missed my last bus home before the Sabbath, as buses don't run during the Sabbath. Ooops. If it weren't for my 12 year old son, I'd have everyone fend and cook for themselves. But he still needs me terribly. Hubby came to the rescue and brought his wandering wife home.

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Thanks for an interesting viewpoint on the recent events in the south of Israel. My hubby had thought that part of Israel ought to have been safer. We feel so sad for the people there and all that you go through in order to live there!