Thursday, October 28, 2004


Two newsletters I've seen recently disturbed me. One was Ideas in Action - Keeping the work of Rabbi Kahane Alive. Every article was that transfer of the Arab population is the only option for keeping Jews safe. So I wonder if there weren't any terrorist attacks - what would they write about? I feel it's akin to watching Fox News - with it's "terror alert - elevated" sign flashing in the background every day. These people thrive on the fear.

The other was Gush Shalom newsletter - boycott settlement products. Why? Jew against Jew drives me nuts. It makes my stomach sink. Because they think if there weren't any settlements there wouldn't be any conflict? That's also untrue. The conflict has been there ever since we stepped back onto this country.

Perhaps getting to learn, understand and respect the local Arab culture and people, and for them to learn, understand and respect our culture and history and getting them to understand why we are here, might just do the trick. A harder road to travel indeed, but one which might just make this peace thing happen.

I got an e-mail via my Interfaith group from a German woman who read about me in a newsletter (Gush Shalom - yes that newsletter). "Dear unknown peace activist from Ma'aleh Adumim". Like the unknown soldier.

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