Sunday, October 10, 2004

Back to work

My two bosses are out this week, which means I have time to clear up all this mess on my desk while they are away. I had planned to take 3 days off to go to Sinai, but since that seems like vacationing in Gaza, I'm not going to do it. Yet. I've committed myself to olive harvesting with Palestinians instead one day this week with one of the Rabbis for Human Rights who keeps on getting arrested for standing in front of bulldozers while they try to demolish Palestinian homes in the Jerusalem area. It'll be great to finally meet this man. But anyway, just to ramble - I missed alot of stuff this past week. I could have gone snorkelling for snails at Hof Dor, which is a beautiful beach on the Mediterranean up in northern Israel. These snails are believed to emit a blue dye which was used during biblical times to dye fringes which are worn by men as a 4-cornered garment. This snail was rediscovered in recent years and the dyeing process has begun again. There was a bird observation trip I missed by the Beit Shean valley. I did fuck-all yesterday but play Minesweeper on my computer and had hours of endless fun clicking on the "next blog" feature trying to pick up some good reading. Some were hysterically funny, and then I would click on all their links and I got to this site called "Awful plastic surgery" where you could see before and after photos of celebrities. Feh. I'm glad I'm too poor and actually even if I wasn't poor, too frightened to go under a surgeon's knife for a little nip and tuck. I'll have to grow old and wrinkled. So frightening did the botched up jobs look. And the fake boobs!! What is with everyone getting those? So much for cleaning my house. Anyway, if I missed those fabulous trips during the holiday and will be missing a trip to Sinai this weekend, I'll be sure to report on the trip I won't miss - which is a trip to the courthouse where my Criminal daughter (who along with others) who stole about $100 from a friend's home (who is obviously no longer a friend) will be on trial on Wednesday. I think I'd rather go to Sinai.

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