Saturday, October 30, 2004

Sabbath Guests and more

Last night's meal went off pretty well without a hitch. Of course the Complainer daughter piped up a few hours beforehand - How can you invite people when we have a disgusting salon? Aren't you embarrassed? Are they Arabs? Why do they live in Arab villages? I told her if she sticks around when they come, they can answer all her questions. My Good Daughter helped me loads and by the time the guests arrived, our place- including ourselves - looked orderly. Guests that come in three's seem sorta mystical to me. There were the 3 wise men. Before that the 3 angels that came to visit Abraham in his tent. Here I had 2 Swedes and 1 South African whose wife is a member of parliament there. I cannot tell you how high I felt having lively and intelligent discussions and how wonderful it was that Hubby came out of his cave and particpated in the discussions. He had walked through the supermarket Thursday evening embarrassing me to no end, belching twice really loud. I really hoped and prayed that everything would look normal to our guests. My kids behaved well and only eldest daughter slipped a bit when the dog was bothering her and she quipped a quick - What the fuck are you doing - at the dog, before a glance from me, stopped her in her tracks.

She told me a funny story this morning. Natan Sharansky, I think he is still a knesset member or minister of something but maybe he isn't anymore - ate dinner at the restaurant where she works. Her boss who is the manager of the place is a Palestinian. Sharansky came with a bodyguard who sat 3 tables away. Her manager was talking on the phone animatedly, in Arabic, pacing inside and outside where the outside tables were and where Sharansky was seated. The bodyguard, hearing Arabic, gets up and walks towards the Boss - slowly. The Boss notices the bodyguard walking towards him and walks back inside the restaurant, keeping well away from Sharansky with a "oh fuck - he probably thinks I'm going to kill Sharansky" attitude. And the employees inside were laughing their heads off.


Anonymous said...

You are certainly interesting, my dear! I am glad your dinner went off well and that you were not too embarrassed from the family. And the people you meet! I am continuing to be your faithful reader here!! By the way, find a way to bless the daughter who was so helpful to you! Good behavior should net some rewards too!

So interesting you mentioned the 3 who came to visit Abraham...we tuned in last night to our favorite teacher of spiritual on live via internet on Friday evening(Shabbat)and Saturday when they have services. This was the main part of his sermon. So many things we learned that are so new to us! This is only the 2nd time they had live hookup to their services. And there were 2/3rds more people via internet than were in attendance on site! Hasn't the internet opened up the world though? We had one of our couple friends in to listen as well, since their computer won't allow that much usage I guess.


timx said...

Your most valuable asset is that your feet are stuck to the ground! That's why I like to read what you write so much!

James Raymond said...

I can definitely relate to that. Before considering much else, I pretty much decided that Canadian immigration is my best option and although I have been tempted to reconsider from time to time, I can't help but think about how much the 2000 elections have changed things for us (and not for the better I'm affraid).

I really enjoy this blog, I'll be back!

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