Sunday, October 31, 2004

Just Chicks

I said to Hubby as I was walking with him after work - Next time we're at the flower store, let's ask for plants with a lifespan like Arafat - you can throw them out of a plane, they can get sick and sick and sicker and never every die and live 300 years.

I was laughing at Hubby's kid complaints - "Did you see the Oldest daughter on the couch yesterday. Just picking away at her nose. What the fuck is she digging up there? And the other one grabbing her crotch all the time." I explained the Nasty crotch grabber is a fan of rappers and that's what they do so she's just imitating art.

I made arrangements with a friend from work to see the movie Shall We Dance. Hubby said he'd go with me last night but this is a chick flick and it's no fun grabbing ahold of his arm when you're watching Richard Gere. It's far better to see it with girlfriends and squeal away. So, another friend from work and her mother (who is my age) decided to join us as well. Just no men, puleeese.

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Desire said...

Hey there. I've been reading your blog for quite a few months although i've never left a comment.I live in Singapore, so i've been quite fascinated by the way you've brought out your life in Israel - especially the clear descriptions of people, places and different aspects of your culture.