Friday, October 22, 2004

Rainbow gatherings

There was a rainbow gathering beginning this week for 3 weeks. This gathering happens all over the world - for older hippies, new age types, transients, gypsies and the middle east is having it's very own gathering as it does every Fall now. Where? It's not publicized to keep out the riff raff that play electronic music loud, that bring paper plates and dogs to the gathering, that drink vodka and use LSD. So it seems that only the seasoned go-ers know where it is being held this year - deep in the Israeli Negev desert. I wrote my friend - an older hippie - a note asking him where the gathering was. Surely he'll tell me, good friend that he is. He answered me.

how many hours do you help haul stuff for the gypsies??
don't be a gyp at the rainbow (pardon the racist pun)
why wait till next weekend..if you want we can go together either tonite (thurs) or tomorrow..(friday early)
it will do wonders for you and help you cope with your bereavement
we also can make some PHENOMENAL onions in the fire..
lets go now!!!
let me know"

Needless to say, Hubby read all my e-mails and read his e-mail first thing this morning and was not too pleased at this hippie upstart trying to whisk away his wife to barbecue phenomenal onions. I don't think he wants me to make phenomenal anything with this guy and he was quite sore about it all day long. Not that it was my fault. I just asked him where the friggin' place was!! If I go places, I go with women. Yay women!!

My real problem is that I'm two months behind in rent and hope I won't be thrown on the street these days. So what does one do when one is in a despondent situation? Why have breakfast out of course with a good friend. The Friday breakfasts here are phenomenal brunches and one doesn't need to eat the entire day afterwards.

Yesterday I was interviewed by one of the two English-language newspapers in the country. The woman who interviewed me is hoping for a front page magazine thing about Arab-Jewish Co-existence in Jerusalem. I am too. The more these things are publicized and put on the front pages, maybe they'll eventually wipe out all the horrible photos of the conflict off the front pages. So before the interview I said the Serenity Prayer to not sound like a total imbecile, to try and convince others that what I am doing is sane, and what the result would be if we all tried harder to get to know the other. And we shouldn't be waiting for a miracle-working Prime Minister. That ain't gonna happen. And neither Jews or Arabs will disappear from these horizons. So it's only us - people - that can make it happen. I hope she gets it right in print. Because this place really should be a Paradise - with real rainbows.

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