Tuesday, October 12, 2004

First Rains

Jerusalem had its first rain yesterday. This always has been a thrilling moment. All of a sudden as I'm about to leave my office about 4:30 pm - I see and hear the rain. It was beautiful. Everything seemed much greener (except for my wallet). Imagine how the trees and rocks felt after no rain since April. With the sun beating down on you day after day. Imagine not being able to take a shower for so long (never mind, don't dare imagine that!). But that's probably how the trees felt. And I saw the first rainbow of the season, which seemed to hover over East Jerusalem. My kids jealously asked if I had seen the rain and walked in it. We live on the edge of the Judean desert and the rain comes to us a bit later on and it's always a bit lighter than it is in Jerusalem. So there was no rain, but they did hear thunder and saw a bit of lightening coming from Jerusalem.

Also a first, one reader of this blog is making her journey to Jerusalem and we hope to meet the end of the month. It'll be nice to meet face to face at last.

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Joel said...

I was in Jerusalem for the first rain last fall, so I know exactly what you're talking about. I had come to Eretz Israel for Sukkot, and after the Chag had ended I went touring the Land for a few days. As we were ascending back to Jerusalem on the tour bus, it was starting to rain. It felt wonderful. When we left the city was dry, but when we returned everything was wet! And this year God is again answering His children's prayers for rain. Halleluyah!