Saturday, October 09, 2004


"Why is it when there's so much food in the kitchen sink, does this fly have to buzz around me?" asked Hubby as the sun began to rise. Too early for a Saturday wake up call. But I couldn't sleep either. Why this and why that. I took my dog out for his morning romp in the park. Why is my dog gay? Couldn't care less for female dogs, but try and take him away from his male counterparts, he wimpers like a, well, wimp. I watched as Hubby started on the dishes. I took a 2 minute bathroom break to note that he nearly finished them. Why does it take me about 1/2 hour for kitchen clean-up and it takes him 3 minutes to straighten everything up? Why does my female friend have armpit hair and it doesn't look bad on her when she walks around sleeveless. It's hardly noticeable, but if ~I~ don't shave for 2 days, the growing stubble is just nauseating. I went to do a load of laundry. Why is it that when I do one load, 2 more waiting loads suddenly appear out of nowhere? The more laundry I do, the more it grows. Why is it that our friend's father recently died? He was in his 80s (I think) and was on a strict macrobiotic diet. I thought those people always lived to 120 years old.

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timx said...

Now spend a few minutes contemplating your positive side!