Saturday, August 27, 2005

Aw shucks...

I got rated at Blog Advance yesterday. I got a "good" out of categories such as "the good", "the mediocre", "the bad." What a nice review. Thanks people.

A personal blog with a difference, Jerusalem Gypsy is about a woman living in Jerusalem sharing her views on life and the people in her country.
I must admit I'm intrigued with this blog as while there are so many personal diary type blogs out there, this one is different in that the whole lifestyle of the people is diverse to what I'm used to reading in blogs written by authors from Western Society.
The blog itself is bright and colorful, reminiscent of the Middle East and I find the content in
Jerusalem Gypsy interesting and readable if somewhat a little guileless, but it all adds to the experience.
There are a lot of entries regarding peace in Jerusalem and it was a real pleasure to read about the goings on in the Middle East from a truly unique perspective.
As stated, this IS primarily a personal diary and there is a lot to read, but it's well worth it.

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Romani Heart said...

I totally agree :) I read your blog faithfully.