Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Sympathies in order

The Interfaith Encounter Association put out a notice last week - I thought it very beautiful and fitting -

In this difficult day, when thousands of men, women and children are being forced out of their homes, we wish to express our feelings of sorrow and share them with both those being evacuated and those evacuating. As a non-political organization, the IEA does not take a stand regarding the question of their sitting there - some of us support it and some oppose it. However, we are all united in the wish to refrain from using force in the promotion of one way or the other. We are sure that our work to develop and promote deep and real human dialogue is the most significant way to develop relations of mutual understanding, respect and trust that will prevent any future use of force and will make sure that every move is built and implemented through dialogue between all sides. Our way, the way of encounter and dialogue, is the way that will promote our aspiration for real peace in our region, peace of mutal understanding, respect and trust, peace of re-engagement of all of us.


Another group put out this notice in the Jerusalem e-mail listing:

An apolitical initiative has started with the goal to help the evacuated families in this time of great emotional crisis, to show with our actions that the people of Israel are with them and feel their pain, regardless of our political viewpoints.

The initiative is looking for volunteers to come to the villages where the evacuated famileis will be going, such as Nitsan, from this week onwards and help them with the various tasks they will have to face such as cleaning their houses, taking care of the children, and just to be there to help. It is needless to say how important this project is, and how much the presence of caring and loving people can help those who need to rebuild their lives....

Every day I have been getting mail about adopting families, going to the hotels where many are staying, bringing food, sheets, babysitters, etc. So it seems like a big project, one that will take weeks or even months, before things will be a bit more calm.

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