Sunday, August 14, 2005

Tisha B'av - 9th of Av -Fast in Jerusalem

I took my friend from the UK over to a women's reading of Lamentations - in the Old City. We were all sprawled out on her large rooftop with hippie and elegant pillows and mattresses strewn about. I prompted my guest beforehand

"They're Orthodox Jews and won't greet you today because it's a day of mourning. Don't get offended."

Luckily they also explained this to her as they opened the door for us.

They had a pile of sackcloths that we were told we can put over us, as the mourners of the destruction of the Temples did 2,000 years ago in Jerusalem. There was a woman afterwards in a purple striped dress, with a large purple headcovering explaining why we are losing our land. She explained it was because people who are 'in the know' meaning the Orthodox, are not pure in their observance. There is something missing - perhaps love - in their observance. It could be for their own self-gratification, etc.

I had my own take on measure-for-measure but it only hit me afterwards. And it's not a popular view. I really believe if we took care of the "strangers in our land" i.e. the Palestinians and not continue to demolish homes of innocent families, because they are not issued permits to build - then perhaps this whole Gaza episode would not have happened. This is my strong opinion.


Andrea said...

I would have to agree. My bible knowqledge is very rusty but didnt someone say 'do unto others as you woukd have them do unto you' and 'love thy neighbour'.
If these two ideas were followed there would be a lot less headaches from that nexk of the woods so to speak. Maybe.

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makuahine said...

Amen to both poster and commentor.