Saturday, August 06, 2005

New Cafe in Jerusalem

My boss had a leisurely breakfast with a colleague during working hours - it seems only "bosses" have the luxury to do this sort of thing - and raved about this new place called Lechem Erez. So Friday, being our day off, found me testing out this place, which had a branch in Tel Aviv for 9 years, and now they decided to open a branch in the Holy City which opened 5 days ago. I thought the location was interesting since it's not where your usual gamut of cafes are - in fact, while we were having our breakfast, Hubby noted the smell of the laundromat wafting through the air. It is situated in a small strip plaza in a residential, not commercial, neighborhood.

Pity I'm on this diet, because the pastries looked absolutely wonderful and the many kinds of bread is what the place is about. Breakfast was really wonderful, with freshly made lemonade with mint, carrot juice, goat feta cheese, homemade olives and jam, omelets and a kick-ass salad with every herb in there. Oh, and not to mention the cappucino that goes along with it.

The clientele's age seemed to range from ages 30-60. This is not a "young punk" hangout. And everyone was DRESSED to the nines. This is the first place in Jerusalem that I saw people getting dressed up to go for breakfast or just to buy bread on a Friday morning! It was like they were transported in from Tel Aviv or something. Everyone looked so chic, and I had a front row seat, admiring everyone's clothing and pocketbooks. I felt we were in Paris, or Milan but not Jerusalem. We're no longer a city of "shlubs."


Anthony said...

You truly have a great blog. Keep up the good work.

Musophrenia said...

sounds kinda soho...
but in soho
you will find
many a hobo

Patry Francis said...

Another voice wandering in to say how much I enjoy visiting Jerusalem with you.