Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Mother - daughter thing

I got an e-mail today about this person doing research in many countries about conversations between mothers and children. He did some research in the US, South America and now is in the Middle East looking for subjects for his research. I was thinking about contacting him and then thought - nah. What would he have thought of my conversation this morning with my daughter about pubic hair shaving? Not too good.

My daughter calls it "bikini waxing", but I call it pubic shaving. She's off to Eilat in a couple of days for a week of partying and needs to not look like Mrs. Werewolf from the waist down. I expressed the same sentiments this morning

"because when I go to the gym and I'm changing my clothes, other women don't need to see that mess down there."

My two girls looked at me. I guess they didn't expect mom to reveal herself so. They just shrugged and said "yeah, it's gross when old ladies don't shave."

Hmph. Just who are they calling old ladies...???


Rovi Ari said...
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Romani Heart said...

I think they should invent a Nair bath, where I could just dunk my whole body in it and remove all the hair in one go.

Paul said...

hahaha - well with hair no matter how old you are, less is more in a manner of speaking.