Saturday, July 30, 2005


I dreamt of locusts last night, briefly. Figuring I'm about to enter the biblical plague zone, I looked for the meaning of it. Dream interpretation of one's dreams is usually less harsh than you would think. I went to this site, and it gave me this interpretation.

To see locusts in your dream, signifies a lack of psychological nourishment. You may feel that your are lacking in creativity or that your creativity is being destroyed.

bingo. I thing they've got it.


Orikinla Osinachi. said...

You saw locusts in your dream?

1.Now. What specie of locusts were they?
2. Were they Egyptian locusts?
3. Or were they Iraqi locusts?
4. Were they looking fat or thin?

You could be posted to Niger soon for two reasons.
1. There is an invasion of locusts in Niger right now.
2. To confirm whether actually Saddam Hussein wanted to buy uranium for his WMD from Niger.

Well, if the dream means you need nourishment.

The locusts in Niger and my country Nigeria are very edible and tasty. Roasted and eaten with red pepper and wash it down with Coca Cola.


musophrenic said...

hah, you're weird!!

jerusalemgypsy said...

I haven't got a clue what kind of locusts they were, but they're not on the South Beach Diet so I ain't gonna be eating them any time soon.

Yemenite Israelis eat them. In Yemen it was a common food item. I'll just stick to meat and chicken and Salmon and veggies. Thank you!