Thursday, August 26, 2004

Interfaith stuff

Jerusalem was bouncing last night - I've had quite a lot of fun at the Crafts festival and looking (but not buying) at every booth, much to the annoyance of my soon-to-not-be-a-criminal daughter. I thought she would love to look at all the colorful stuff, but she was more interested in waiting for her boyfriend who was getting a haircut nearby. I have photos of the street festival in Jerusalem and if my camera and computer decide to make peace together, you will see them shortly after this post.

Meanwhile, I'm rushing this blog. There won't be one tomorrow. I'm going to Neve Shalom (the community that has Jews and Arabs living together in a rural setting not too far from Jerusalem. I love these retreats. I get to meet new people and the group of Palestinians from Nablus get to meet with us. They're a great bunch, although a different group comes every time. So I'm rushing because I'm off to pick up 2 passengers and hopefully everyone will be in one piece when I come back on Saturday like my kids, the dog and my garden. Saturday's blog will be quite long, I am sure, and will make up for tomorrow lack of blogging.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos...thanks! You are never boring! Have a great time! Will be waiting to read your remarks.