Sunday, August 29, 2004

tiring days

I'm absolutely exhausted. I didn't get much sleep with chanting in the dome on Friday night and waking up early so Hubby can get a peak at this wonderful place. My girlfriend from the Bronx came to visit last night and stayed until 1:00 am which is waaay past my bedtime too. We had so much to catch up on. I had no idea our mutual friend had married and divorced within a 3 month period. My daughter's boyfriend was looking at my photo album and saw real photos I had of the Beatles (late '60s and early 70s). He was mildly shocked. I told him I lived in New York and it was easy to meet celebrities. Living in Tehran until he was 10 - well, the likelihood of meeting any celebrities is - nil. We reminisced for hours about our old friends, some of whom aren't alive anymore. One of them, Janet, met Abbie Hoffman and he wrote her a check for a million dollars. Janet used to go to all the Be-Ins and protests at Columbia University in NYC. I remember walking into a head shop in 1969 when I was 13 and got insulted by the sales guy. He asked my friend "Do you get high?". I told him I get high. Of course I never even saw a joint at that age, I just thought I'd get away with it. But he could read me. "Oh with what - penicillin?" What a fuck. I'm allergic to penicillin. My friend lost her job which is why she's here in Israel. Her family thought it best for her to do something nice for herself and visit old friends and get a spiritual uplift, which she is, in fact, getting. I told her of the stuff I was into and if we have time, I'll inroduce her to Ibrahim. She reminded me of the time I had been a follower of Kach - Rabbi Meir Kahane - the very anti-Arab, rabbi. Oh yes, I did start out like that until I lived here a few years and was able to finally put a face and a soul on people who we were told were our eternal enemies.


timx said...

The hardest barriers to break through are those created by our own up-bringing.

kanenabe said...

It is always easier to point the finger at someone else and say, "Uh HAH! See how imperfect he/she/IT is!" To ostracise others. To hate others. To see other people as OTHERS.

So much easier than turning that very same finger INWARDS and seeing that the very same flaws nest within our own hearts, souls and minds... It is something most people can't take, to see their inner inherent imperfections.

It'll mean that we can't hate others anymore. It'll mean admitting that there's no such thing as differences, religious, racial, cultural or otherwise.

It'll mean admitting that we're all the same inside.
All simply... human.

lisoosh said...

You used to follow Kach? Now I am really impressed.